£6 main meals lunch or dinner


Tempura Prawns with sweet chilli dipping sauce £4.50

Chunks of brie with red onion jam £4.50

Breaded mushrooms with garlic mayo £4.50

Salt and pepper squid, garlic mayo £4.50


The fox chippy basket:

Battered cod, scampi, sausage, chips, fishcake, mushy peas and onion rings

Gammon steak, fried egg, peas and chips

Steak and ale pie with mash, peas, gravy

Salmon fillet with crushed potatoes and vag

Beef lasagne with garlic ciabatta 

Chicken curry with rice, poppadum and naan bread

Scampi with chips

Spaghetti Bolognese

Hunters chicken with chips and salad

Cod and Chips with mushy peas

Ciabatta with steak, rocket, onion chutney, melted cheese and chips

Mac and cheese with garlic bread

Fox salads -steak, salmon, chicken breast 


ALL £11


Beef burger with cheese and bacon

Southern fried chicken burger

Veggie burger

All £10

served with

bacon, salad, mayo and cheese


Double up burger - extra £2




Grill menu

8oz rump £11

10oz sirloin £14

14oz mixed grill £12.50


Served with chips, onion rings and

grilled tomato


Sauces £2

Peppercorn, Diane, Curry sauce, Gravy

To share

Hot kicking chilli wings £4

Breaded mushrooms with garlic mayonnaise £3

Mac and Cheese bites sweet chilli sauce £3.50

Southern fried chicken strips with chipotle mayonnaise £4

Onion rings with spicy BBQ sauce £3

Choose 5 for £15

Dirty fries £5

(bacon bits, crispy onions, cheese sauce and gravy)

Nachos Plain £7

Nachos chilli beef mince £8.50

Basket of chips £3

add cheese £1


Sticky toffee pudding


Chocolate fudge cake

All £4.95


(under 10 years only)

Sausage and mash

Chicken strips and chips

Fish fingers and mash

Pizza and chips

All £5.25

Please let a staff member know if you have any allergies.

The Fox kitchen cannot guarantee to be nut or gluten free.

Sunday Lunch 


To start


King prawns in tempura batter with

sweet chilli dipping sauce  £5.25

Breaded chunks of Brie with red onion chutney £4.95

Homemade chefs soup of the day with crusty bread roll £4.20



Our Sunday Roasts


Welsh lamb £13.95

Welsh beef £11.95

Turkey £11.95

Glamorgan sausages £10.95


All served with seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes, carrots and parsnips,

Yorkshire pudding and homemade gravy


Cauliflower cheese £4.20




Chocolate Fudge cake

Sticky toffee pudding

Steamed treacle sponge pudding

Apple and rhubarb crumble

All served with custard